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Conditions of Sale and Service


1.   All sales and service costs include a 10% Goods and Service Tax (GST) component. GST is separated in the invoice you receive at Point of Sale for your convenience; 

2.   Title of Goods remain the property of Computer Origins until payment is made in full; 

3.   If an Account is authorised, then an account balance must be paid in full within 7 working days unless alternative arrangements have been made;

4.   In compliance with Australian Consumer Law, refunds or returns will not be accepted if the customer simply changes their mind, makes a wrong decision or lacks the necessary experience to install or configure. Refunds or replacement may only be endorsed if the product was incorrectly advertised, not performing as designed, faulty or unsafe.


5.  A non-refundable diagnostic fee applies to all unknown faults;

6.  Linux or Macintosh Computer services are not provided or supported;

7.  A computer to be serviced must host a genuine copy of the Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating Systems. This implies the presence of a Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity label affixed to the chassis or other documentation to support legitimacy;

8.  The customer accepts that faulty components may completely fail when diagnosed under test conditions that normal operating components would otherwise endure. The customer agrees that Computer Origins is indemnified from claims for damages brought upon as a result of data loss from the failure of a computer component during diagnosis; 

9.  Computer Origins may advise but is not responsible for damage to a computer resulting from the customer’s sole responsibility to install and update antivirus, use the correct power supply, make backup duplicates of important data or connect faulty peripheral hardware not otherwise supplied by Computer Origins;

10.  Once a customer is notified that a computer is repaired, payment within fourteen days is required.  A 5% per week administration fee may apply if payment is not made within this time period;

11.  In accordance with the Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act, a computer or peripheral not collected within 6 months of service completion will invoke lawful disposal of said goods;

12.  Computer Origins is not responsible for items lost or damage in freight provided by third party couriers;

13.  Any illegal software, or application used to acquire copyrighted data in any form is not endorsed or supported by Computer Origins;

14.  Computer Origins will at its own discretion backup customer data but is not responsible to do so unless requested by the customer or required by the service offered;

15.  Backups performed by Computer Origins and as offered by a service are kept on premise for a period not exceeding 30 days from date of creation and are governed in accordance with our Privacy ;

16.  Computer Origins is not responsible for the retention of Customer product licenses, passwords or other task related information following task completion.


17.    All new computer warranties are specified Return to Base (RTB);

18.    An assessment fee may be charged if no fault is detected against a warranty claim for a product supplied by Computer Origins;

19.    Warranty covers materials and labour supplied by Computer Origins within the warranty period;

20.    Parts replaced under warranty inherit the warranty expiry date of the original part;

21.  Warranty covers faulty parts and workmanship supplied by Computer Origins and does not cover events not immediately within the control of Computer Origins. These include but are not limited to:

       a.    Virus infection,
       b.    Operating System corruption,
       c.     Physical computer and/or peripheral mishandling,
       d.    Third party software install, operation or uninstall,
       e.    Power spikes, surges, brown and blackouts;
       f.     Data loss.

22.  This and other Computer Origins policies are subject to change without notice.