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The Backup Club – A Computer Origins Initiative

Richard Hall - Wednesday, October 29, 2014

You don’t need car insurance.

But of course you do! You never know when you might crash, and the same goes for computers – they could crash at any time and you risk losing all of your precious photos, documents, videos etc.

But what if when that happens, you could simply restore your computer to exactly how it was before the event? No worrying over whether key photographs of your wedding day have been lost or if you now have to start a whole new tax document, instead everything would be right where you left it. It would be as though the crash had never happened.

This is where The Backup Club comes in.

Starting from only $23 per month, The Backup Club is the premium way of keeping your computer safe in the event of a hardware or software failure, something that could otherwise incur incalculable costs. Customers who sign up receive flexible, regular backups of their data and professional, non-intrusive monitoring to ensure they are successful, meaning you don’t have to worry about them as much. And in the event of your computer (or computers!) suffering a critical issue, notify us and you’ll be assisted quickly and effectively in returning it to its optimal state, like the problem was simply a bad dream.

Example: Jane, like many of us has a computer. Unfortunately her data has disappeared and she is left with no way of regaining it. Unless of course she is a Backup Club member. Jane can call Computer Origins to let us know what has occurred and armed with the professional assistance of our staff and her backup drive, set about restoring her computer to a fully-operational state.

What’s required of a customer seeking to join The Backup Club? All you need is your computer, an external hard drive and a copy of Acronis True Image which is sold here at Computer Origins. From this point a backup scheme will be performed by a Computer Origins certified professional and will have you ready to go in no time at all! Speaking of time, The Backup Club is well worth any computer user’s to ensure that all of their data is constantly safe.


· Guaranteed safety of your files thanks to regular backups;

· Low monthly fee for an invaluable service – from $23 per month;

· Vigilant monitoring of backup success and rapid reaction time in the case of a failure;

· Assistance when your computer data suffers damage in both recovering data and your computer’s previous state.

Customers can live in peace knowing that their computer data’s recovery is in safe hands with The Backup Club.

The Backup Club

Richard Hall - Monday, August 13, 2012


What is the Backup Club?

The Backup Club is a vital service now offered by Computer Origins by which the recurring backup jobs performed on your computer are closely monitored by our trusted and professional technical team.
Your lives are busy enough without having to burden yourself with the important task of making sure that your Pictures, Documents, Music and other precious computer data is being backed up not only properly but also regularly.
For a nominal fee per month*, Computer Origins will become your backup partner, frequently informing you on the status your computer’s backups. This means when a frightening event crashes your computer in the future, your backups as well as Computer Origins will be on hand to quickly restore cherished data.

Why should I join the Backup Club?

Hard drive repair and recovery consumes a significant percentage of the workshop repair time at Computer Origins.
It is understandable that this may not be especially important information to you especially if your computer is running well at the moment.
However, as so many of our customers who have lost data to crashed hard drives would now agree, frequent and up to date backups are the only true way to be protected from data loss. We strongly agree and think you should too.
This is the reason the Computer Origins Backup Club was formed, in order to make the task of backup management less of a worry in your already busy lifestyle.
Start enjoying all the other things that are more important to you and your family; become a Computer Origins Backup Club member today.



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