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Computer Origins

Crouching Tiger, Hidden... Features!

Richard Hall - Thursday, January 20, 2011

For those people using Windows Vista or Windows 7, there are plenty of great features built into the operating system that are designed to improve the performance, or prevent any problems arising within Windows and any programs you have installed.

We know what you're thinking. My Computer is like my Car; as long as it works and I don't have to look under the hood then my world is in harmony. While it is true that some things in Windows, like the engine in your car shouldn't be modified by the inexperienced, we simply suggest you consider opening the glove compartment and having a look through the manual. (This is an analogy, we are actually still talking about your computer and not your car!)

Tip #1: Problem Reports and Solutions Centre
  • Go to Start Orb (Start button), and type in "problem" within the Search box (without the quotes);
  • The indexer will (should) locate the Problem Reports and Solutions application shortcut within a list above;
  • Click this for the application to start.
The Problem Reports and Solutions Centre is Windows way of letting you know the state of Windows, the software you have installed and the mechanisms that make Windows work. If Windows detects an element of Windows that is unstable, out of date or insecure it may suggest a place on the internet to go and obtain an update. When the update is applied, the assumption from Microsoft is that it may cure a problem you are having, or may have down the track.


Richard Hall - Friday, November 05, 2010


Be aware of individuals ringing and claiming they are Microsoft employees or online repair technicians. The caller may mention that you have errors on your machine that they can help fix. There very well may be errors on your machine, but Microsoft or anybody that claims to repair computers will not know anything about the state of your computer from the other side of a phone (nor would Microsoft use this approach). If this happens to you then consider it highly suspicious and potentially dangerous.

If in doubt hang up.

Please pass this information on to anybody you thinks needs to know. If this has happened to you then please leave a comment that we will post here to help others recognise the warning signs.

Office 2010 - Make it Great!

Richard Hall - Thursday, June 17, 2010

Office 2010 comes complete with new and improved tools and features to help you create, communicate, and stay productive, whether you’re working at home, the office, or school. Access your files in more places - and on your schedule - with applications you can use from your computer, from a Windows phone, or via a Web browser.

Remember if you purchased Microsoft Office 2007 recently, then you might be eligable for a FREE upgrade to Office 2010. See this webpage for more information and eligibility.

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