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Crouching Tiger, Hidden... Features!

Richard Hall - Thursday, January 20, 2011

For those people using Windows Vista or Windows 7, there are plenty of great features built into the operating system that are designed to improve the performance, or prevent any problems arising within Windows and any programs you have installed.

We know what you're thinking. My Computer is like my Car; as long as it works and I don't have to look under the hood then my world is in harmony. While it is true that some things in Windows, like the engine in your car shouldn't be modified by the inexperienced, we simply suggest you consider opening the glove compartment and having a look through the manual. (This is an analogy, we are actually still talking about your computer and not your car!)

Tip #1: Problem Reports and Solutions Centre
  • Go to Start Orb (Start button), and type in "problem" within the Search box (without the quotes);
  • The indexer will (should) locate the Problem Reports and Solutions application shortcut within a list above;
  • Click this for the application to start.
The Problem Reports and Solutions Centre is Windows way of letting you know the state of Windows, the software you have installed and the mechanisms that make Windows work. If Windows detects an element of Windows that is unstable, out of date or insecure it may suggest a place on the internet to go and obtain an update. When the update is applied, the assumption from Microsoft is that it may cure a problem you are having, or may have down the track.

Secure your Computer!

Richard Hall - Thursday, December 30, 2010

We would like to hear from everybody by way of the comments section below on what we can all do to better secure our computers. From Computer Origins POV (and most probably yours), an Anti-virus program alone just doesn't cut it.

We have a few ideas to start you off:

  • Divorce Internet Explorer! Get the Firefox web site browser instead (or lots of others, don't forget to scroll to the right!);
  • If you get Firefox, add the NoScript addon to block all website "scripts" until you allow them (download here);
  • Install a key stroke encrypting application like KeyScrambler to confuse key-loggers.
Know something better? Feel free to add your own (tried & tested) application that could benefit everybody by making a comment below!

3 Terabyte Coming!

Richard Hall - Thursday, November 25, 2010

Server 2008 Terminal Services 5 CAL

Richard Hall - Monday, November 15, 2010
If anyone in the Server Administrative game are looking for a new unused Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services 5 Client Access Licence at near cost then please call Computer Origins. We have 1 Licence available and can negotiate on the price if necessary.


Richard Hall - Friday, November 05, 2010


Be aware of individuals ringing and claiming they are Microsoft employees or online repair technicians. The caller may mention that you have errors on your machine that they can help fix. There very well may be errors on your machine, but Microsoft or anybody that claims to repair computers will not know anything about the state of your computer from the other side of a phone (nor would Microsoft use this approach). If this happens to you then consider it highly suspicious and potentially dangerous.

If in doubt hang up.

Please pass this information on to anybody you thinks needs to know. If this has happened to you then please leave a comment that we will post here to help others recognise the warning signs.

Sound beyond size!

Richard Hall - Thursday, September 30, 2010

The micro sized, but maximum sounding speakers everyone are talking about are now at Computer Origins! The X-Mini 2 and X-Mini Max 2 speakers are rechargeable, self-contained portable speakers that fit in the palm of your hand. But let that put you off; these things are loud! You won't believe it until you hear just how fantastic something so small can sound.
Use them as a laptop speaker replacement, on the go with an iPod or iPad or where ever an output for speakers exists. Rechareable to up to 12 hours of continuous bass pumping sound!

Come in for a demo!

Hard Disk Heartbreak

Richard Hall - Thursday, September 02, 2010
Here at Computer Origins we love it when any job goes well. High five's are passed around when we're able to achieve success in ridding a computer of a virus to finding a pesky hardware failure and beyond.

What we don't enjoy however is being unable to retrieve data from a broken hard drive. You know, the external hard disk that dropped from your desk at home and is now making that clunking sound?
It's even harder ringing a customer and passing on the despairing news that this is the case, at least for what Computer Origins is able to technically achieve.

Are you at home or work and everything is going well with your computer? We have looked into your future and some bad news; one or more of your hard drives will fail eventually, possibly taking all your data with it. Or perhaps your laptop or external hard drive will be stolen in the middle of the night with that report due Monday morning at uni or work.

If you say you've backed up your data then guess again; you're probably doing it incorrectly and you are still at risk.

Computer Origins' definition of a backup is as follows: your important data must be in at least two (2) locations at the same time.

Simple? Perhaps not, because instead of having your data in at least two locations, for instance your laptop and an external hard drive, you have moved it (not copied) all to an external hard drive! The risk of losing data has not been mitigated and all you're left with is false security.

Viva la backing up correctly! Give Computer Origins a call or drop by the shop to talk about never losing your data!

..but I was told my Computer could do *insert miracle here*

Richard Hall - Friday, August 06, 2010
It's not often I get personal about something, but I am continually erked by a current phenomonen that plagues the unwary customer of my competitiors. Now to be fair (and safe) I will not mention customer nor competitor names because really, it is all hear-say and I cannot back up with hard data. However it happens too many times not be noticed.

There is no doubt that the Computer retail market is a competitive one. Price and convenience play a big part is deciding what will be a family's computer system for the next 5 years. However upon visting a customer recently I was asked why her computer could not play a game they ordered over the internet.

"Your computer has not got the power to play the game you want it play." I explain.

"But I was told by [other computer retailer] that it could.."

The sad fact is that the computer my customer bought years ago is like comparing a Hyundai with a Corvette. Each car (like a computer) has it's intended purpose
and a Hyundai can't be expected to perform like a Corvette just when we want it to! (edit: unless severly pimped!). Maybe this could have been explained better by the salesman at the time; maybe the customer could have been better informed.

At Computer Origins we strive to give you all the information you need to make an informed choice about your new Computer investment; this we do happily. Include with this great personal service after the sale and we would wonder why you would want to buy anywhere else! Come in and talk about your computer or anything else related - we enjoy the company!

Upgrade to Kaspersky 2011 Now!

Richard Hall - Monday, July 26, 2010

The 2011 Kaspersky line of Security products are now available for sale or upgrade. As you know Computer Origins have recommended Kaspersky Internet Security for some time now and we are excited about the new features in this already incredible must-have Security product!

For those of you who already have an existing valid licence in either Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet Security 2009/2010, then a FREE upgrade to 2011 is only a download away! If however you too want to experience the power and versatility of a Kaspersky product, then why not try a 30 day trial and decide for yourself?

Happy Birthday to us, we're 2!

Richard Hall - Friday, June 18, 2010
Computer Origins are pleased to announce our second birthday today! We opened our doors this day on 18th June 2008 and have come a long way. We hope you have enjoyed having us as your local sales and service shop because we intend on being here a good while longer!

Below is a few pictures of the shop just before we opened in 2008. A bit of a mess but we soon got it sorted out!

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